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Our Flavors 

From classic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate to more special flavors such as snickerdoodle, you are sure to find a flavor for your cakes, cupcakes, cookies or donuts that you truly enjoy!



Vanilla 🍨 

Vanilla, Caramel, Swiss chocolate, Nutella, Strawberry, or Lavender buttercream 

Optional fillings: Raspberry, Feuilletine Crisps

Chocolate 🍫

Swiss chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Nutella,

or Cookies & Cream buttercream. 

Optional fillings: Raspberry, Caramel,

Feuilletine Crisps, Marshmallow Fluff.


Mocha ☕️

Vanilla Espresso, or Lavender buttercream

Optional filling: Caramel, Fudge

Red Velvet  ♦️

Faux Cream Cheese, or Vanilla buttercream

Optional fillings: Caramel

Funnestfetti 🥳


Vanilla, or Nutella buttercream

Optional filling: Marshmallow Fluff

Cookies & Cream 🍪
Cookies & Cream buttercream 
topped with crushed Oreos

Carrot 🥕

Vanilla, Faux Cream Cheese,

or Vanilla Chai buttercream

Optional fillings: Caramel with optional added candied pecans

Lemon 🍋

Vanilla, Strawberry,

or Lavender buttercream

Spice Cake 🌿

Vanilla, Cinnamon,

or Faux Cream Cheese buttercream

Optional filling: Feuilletine Crisps

Fancypantsified Classics

Vanilla Cardamom 💥

Vanilla chai, Mexican cocoa,

or Strawberry buttercream

Optional fillings: Raspberry, Feuilletine Crisps

Snickerdoodle cake 🍰

Brown Sugar Cinnamon buttercream, topped with fresh-baked mini SNC Snickerdoodle cookies

I'm more of a tea person, myself

Earl Grey 🍵

Vanilla, Lavender, Honey,

or Cookies & Cream buttercream

Optional filling: Feuilletine Crisps

Chocolate Chai 🍫☕️

Mexican cocoa, Vanilla chai, Nutella,

Cinnamon, or Caramel buttercream

Top Picks are bolded


#vanlife 🚐 : 

Flavors : vanilla/vanilla goodness


Cookies&Scream!! 🍪

Flavors : cookies & cream w/ cookies & cream buttercream and topped with crushed Oreos

**Now available in GF, too!**


OMG Cinnamon Roll 🌀

Flavors : lightly cinnamoned vanilla cake with faux cream cheese buttercream and cinnamon roll filling



Flavors : cinnamon cake with cinnamon brown sugar buttercream, topped with a cute lil' SNC snickerdoodle cookie


Funnestfetti 🧚

Flavors : funfetti cake w/ vanilla buttercream, blessed by the fun sprinkles fairy      

Marshmallow Bombast 💥

Flavors : vanilla w/ marshmallow whip filling & vanilla meringue buttercream, topped with SNC's Marshmallow-of-the-month. It sounds like a lot, but trust me: it's everything. 

Lemony Cream 🍋

Flavors : lemon with vanilla buttercream.

pure sunshine.

Red Velvet 🎀

Flavors : red velvet w/ faux cream cheese buttercream 

Vanilla Cardi/Chai  🫖

Flavors : vanilla cardamom w/ vanilla chai buttercream

(or, swap out the chai buttercream for Mexican cocoa)

White Lite Strawberry Cream 🍓

Flavors : white cake  w/ strawberry buttercream


ChocoChai/____ 🍫

Flavors : chocolate chai cake, paired w/ your specified choice of 

swiss chocolate, cinnamon, mexican cocoa, caramel, or Nutella buttercream   


Mocha Fauxpuccino ☕

Flavors :  coffeed chocolate w/ fudge filling and vanilla espresso buttercream, topped with SNC homemade chocolate syrup

Earl G.HoneyB. 🐝

Flavors : earl grey w/ honey buttercream

Lavender Fog ☁️

Flavors : earl grey with lavender buttercream


FunfettiNut 🌰

Flavors : funfetti cake with Nutella buttercream


Brown Butter Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate

M&M Chocolate Chip  

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip  



Lemon Sugar Snicks  


Iced Molasses (#1 most repeat-ordered flavor!)  

Peanut Butter  


(Flavors: Classic Vanilla, Lemonly,

Orange Lavender, and Cinnamon Sugar.

GF version available.)

Marshmallow of the Month

Jan 2024 : Classic Vanilla

Feb : Pretty in Pink

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