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The short version of the story 

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The Floral Wreath

Hi, Sweetie!  I'm Betsy. It's very nice to meet you. :) 

I started as a determined 8 year old baker, set on a mission to create the world's best chewy chocolate chip cookies. However, my baking interest always took a back seat to my violin studies, as I was on the path to live my days as a professional violinist, which became my career for 20 years.

I never dared to envision anything else for my life, until the spring of 2018, when a series of unexpected life events led me to discover that I had a love and affinity for cakes; enough of an affinity that I was encouraged to change the trajectory of my life and pursue a culinary career.

Three years later, having devoted myself to extensive study and practice,

I launched Sweet Note Cakes in 2021!

I have a vision of showing my love and passion for baking to the wonderful people of Santa Clara County, and it means everything to me that I can show this love for this community each day, one cupcake at a time. 

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