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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go off-menu and make my cake with ganache/fresh strawberries/lemon curd/real cream cheese frosting/whipped cream frosting?

California's Health Department considers these types of fillings and frostings as unsafe for licensed Cottage Food Operators (aka professional home bakers)

to produce and sell since they contain ingredients categorized as perishable foods.

There are however some stellar alternatives I can offer,

all of which are included on my menu.

Do you do fondant cakes?

I only offer buttercream cakes, but if this is the cake you or your child dreams of, I would be happy to refer you to a local cake baker who can bake you the cake you are envisioning.

If it is just a small tweak of spices, or the use of a mix of two on-menu cakes, sure!

If it's a whole different ballgame, I likely won't be able to do that, since I need to get it officially approved by the local health department before I can sell it to you.

But! I will gladly make a note of your requests, and consider adding it to the menu in the future. 

My frosting is an Italian meringue buttercream or an egg-free imposter ABC that mimics the texture and taste of the meringue buttercream and uses a much smaller amount of powdered sugar than typical ABC recipes.  My buttercreams are light, smooth, and very creamy, and serve as a flavor booster and moisture provider more than as a sweetener. I am also mindful and quite intentional about the amount of frosting I pipe onto your cupcakes, so that the cake to frosting ratio is ideal for the mouthfeel and flavor balance.

Please make me my favorite (off-menu) cake!

I want my cake with frosting, but I don't like frosting that's too sweet.

Can you make a Disney/Marvel /Pokemon/etc. cake?

Most children's favorite sources of entertainment

are heavily copyrighted, and I legally cannot make a cake with their characters' images, I can make your cake using colors that fit the theme.

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